Save Money and Improve Gas Efficiency in Your RV

No doubt about it, Camper, your RV is a gas hog. In fact, fuel may well be a dedicated RVer’s #1 expense. The RV experts at Quality RV Resorts offer a few common sense tips to improve your gas efficiency while taking it easy on your wallet.

Gas Efficiency

Improve Your Gas Efficiency
  • Tire Pressure

    Check your owner’s manual to find the correct tire pressure for your vehicle. Tires that are under (or over) inflated waste gas. The correct PSI improves gas efficiency. So check the tire pressure cold – your tires will last longer and you will be able to handle your vehicle more safely.

  • Routine Maintenance

    Every little thing that’s out of whack affects gas efficiency. Change the oil on schedule and don’t forget the exhaust emissions. A faulty oxygen sensor can negatively affect your fuel consumption.

  • Drive at a Consistent Speed

    That’s why you have Cruise Control. Use it! Accelerating and decelerating sucks up more gas. A continuous speed of 55 – 60 mph is the ‘sweet spot’ for gas efficiency. Every 5mph above those speeds can increase fuel use by 7%.

  • Avoid Hi-Octane Fuel

    Premium gas doesn’t make your engine run faster or cleaner. Unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer of your RV, hi-octane fuel just wastes money.

  • Get a Gas App

    Save your fuel dollar by finding the lowest price on the gas your vehicle needs to operate efficiently. Compare Gas Buddy, Waze, AAA and other gas apps here.

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