Quality RV Resorts and Parks – Ideal for On-Location Workers

Are you a travel nurse, an oil field worker, or a digital nomad? Quality RV Resorts and Parks are ideal for on-location workers. We are your home-away-from home. Work in Texas – Enjoy a Quality RV Stay   If you have one of those vital skills, you need a place to live while you are … Continued

Old-Fashioned Family Fun is FREE!

Three Free Family Fun Games 20 Questions – A favorite games for kids of all ages. One person thinks of a person, place, or thing, then everyone tries to guess it using only “yes” or “no” questions. Things can get off track pretty quickly in this silly game! Going on an RV Trip – There … Continued

Ice Skating in Texas

  Ice Skating in San Antonio Ice and Golf Center at Northwoods Public skating every day 17530 Henderson Pass in San Antonio Spin, slide, and glide on 17,000 square feet of ice. Lace up your blades for an entertainment experience only found in an ice arena. Reserve the rink to accommodate your next party, tournament, … Continued

Reasons to Go RV Camping This Year

Five Reasons to Go RV Camping Spending time with the family builds closeness, and what could be better than to assemble the whole crew for RV camping? Need more reasons to get close to the family as you head out on the open road? Here are five of them right here. 1. All The Comforts … Continued

Texas Christmas Traditions

Five Texas Christmas Traditions 1. Chop Down Your Own Pine Tree – Perhaps a live tree is not practical for the RV lifestyle, but most Christmas tree farms sell pine boughs too. Make your own Holiday garland. Fresh-cut pine has a wonderful aroma! 2. Plant That Poinsettia – Poinsettias are native to our Southern neighbor, Mexico. … Continued

Seven Holiday Gifts for RV Owners

1. Bungee cords – You can never have too many of these handy things. They keep everything in the RV secure. 2. Wine tumblers with lids – Just like a kid’s sippy-cup, stainless steel wine tumblers come with lids, so you won’t spill your drink, even if you bump it in the small space of your … Continued

Three RV Cleaning Tips from your RV Kitchen

  Laptop, Tablet, and Cellphone Screens Problem: Children make sticky fingerprints on your cellphone. The dog investigates what you are doing and makes nose prints all over your laptop screen. You eat greasy pizza while you’re touching your iPad. Solution: Splash some white vinegar on a coffee filter and wipe all that sticky, smudgy stuff … Continued

Best BBQ in the USA is in Texas

  By the way, although we’ve tackled the QUESTION OF WHETHER THE PROPER TERM IS ‘BARBECUE’ OR ‘BBQ,’ smoked meat restaurants continue to evolve and maybe even get better. Here are a few near your favorite Quality RV Resort that are trouncing the competition. Rudy’s Real Texas Bar-B-Q in San Antonio 24152 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, … Continued

Five Tips to Organize Your RV Kitchen

Organize Your RV Kitchen with Wire Racks and Baskets 1. You Need Counter Space If your counter-top has become the place where your travel companions dump their cellphones, chargers, wallets, key chains, and sunglasses, go to the nearest Dollar Store and get a wire basket that’s big enough to hold all the stuff, but not … Continued

Save Money and Improve Gas Efficiency in Your RV

Improve Your Gas Efficiency Tire Pressure Check your owner’s manual to find the correct tire pressure for your vehicle. Tires that are under (or over) inflated waste gas. The correct PSI improves gas efficiency. So check the tire pressure cold – your tires will last longer and you will be able to handle your vehicle … Continued