How to Take Better Nature Photos

  Taking Better Nature Photos The Golden Hour Natural lighting is best for taking nature photos, and the very best time of all is just after sunrise and just before sunset when the sun is low in the sky. This early morning and early evening time is nicknamed ‘the golden hour’ because of the warm … Continued

Mice in the RV

  How You Got Mice in the RV in the First Place Mice like the same things people like…a cozy place to sleep, shelter from the weather, and good things to eat. And since there are all kinds of teeny weeny openings into your RV for hoses, wires, and pipes, mice can squeeeeze their way … Continued

Beat the Heat with Easy AC Tips

Clean the AC Filter It’s so easy your teenager could do it. Turn off the air conditioning unit and grab a screw driver. Then follow these easy steps to stay cool… Look for the AC grates on the ceiling. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the grates and take them down. Remove the AC filters from … Continued

RV Toilet Tips for Your Mobile Bathroom

  Once you are hooked up at your campsite, everything should work fine. It’s the driving down the road that can cause complications. So, here are a couple of RV toilet tips from the pros at Quality Resorts to keep things fresh and clean in your rolling restroom. RV Toilet Tips 1. The vibrations and … Continued

Reduce the Need for RV Roadside Assistance

7 Tips to Avoid Calling for RV Roadside Assistance 1. Start the trip out right by checking and stowing everything properly. Consult the Quality RV Resort pre-trip checklist to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything. 2. Tires – Although tires are mentioned on the Pre-Trip Checklist, it’s worth talking about this subject again. Often neglected, tires … Continued

Ten Tips for Conserving Water in Your RV

Conserving Water Helps the Environment Most of Earth’s water – 97% to be exact – is salt water which is not suitable for drinking, cooking, bathing, or watering crops and animals. Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water, and of that, 2.5% is locked in ice caps, glaciers, clouds, the soil, or is … Continued

Swimming Holes in Texas

Swimming Holes in San Antonio San Pedro Springs Park – People have gathered around the clear waters of San Pedro Springs for at least 12,000 years. The Park is the oldest in San Antonio and the second oldest in the country. Swim the old-fashioned way – in a natural spring surrounded by ancient trees. Visit … Continued

RV Camping Through History

American RV Camping is More than 100 Years Old Americans love to tinker and improve things. As soon as automobiles were invented, people started to adapt them for other purposes by adding beds, tents, and storage areas to their cars and trucks. The first commercially-made camper was the Pierce-Arrow Touring Landau. It was displayed at … Continued

Texas Summer Vacation

Houston’s Museum District Children’s Museum Houston – Houston’s only museum designed for kids has 90,000 square feet of action-packed fun. It’s a bustling family museum with a wealth of hands-on activities such as the Bubble Lab and the Tot Spot. Voted the #2 Museum for kids in the whole USA, Children’s Museum Houston is at … Continued

When Severe Weather Threatens and What to Do About It

Monitor the Weather to Plan Ahead Plan ahead for the possibility of severe weather conditions. The first step is to get a battery-operated or hand-crank NOAA radio. These special radio receivers are tuned to receive only the 7 frequencies of NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) broadcasts. NOAA broadcasts warnings and watches for severe weather, … Continued