Traditional Texas Thanksgiving Foods

A Traditional Texas Thanksgiving in Your RV You gotta have these things to make it a real Texas Thanksgiving. Maybe your RV fridge isn’t big enough to accommodate the entire feast. No matter which of the many QUALITY RV RESORTS & PARKS you have chosen, now is the time to enlist your neighbors. Everybody make … Continued

Gigantic Pumpkins

There’s just a little time left to go out and get those pumpkins so your kids can carve Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween. While you’re shopping at supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and roadside stands for the biggest, roundest gourd of all, you might wonder, “Where can I get gigantic pumpkins in Texas?” However, you can find a pumpkin … Continued

Halloween Spiders Are Haunting Your RV

Halloween Spiders Are Good Spiders The spiders that might be lurking in your RV are good spiders. American house spiders, daddy-long-legs, and cobweb spiders are creepy, yes. But harmful? No. These common house spiders prey on other insects like flies, mosquitoes, moths, and fruit flies. You probably won’t see them during the day as they … Continued

Texas Fun Facts

Batty for Bats Bracken Cave in San Antonio is the summer home to the largest colony of bats in the world. An estimated 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats roost in the cave from March to October making it the largest known concentration of mammals anywhere. There are TWO QUALITY RV RESORTS IN SAN ANTONIO, so … Continued

Day of the Dead in Texas

What is Day of the Dead? Although the name seems somber, the celebrations are anything but! Day of the Dead is a celebration of departed friends and family members, a way of honoring those who have passed, and a means to welcome the loved ones’ souls back for a brief happy reunion. The origins of … Continued

Pick Your Own Farms in Texas

Harvest Season Lots of things are ripe and ready to be harvested now through October, like apples, pumpkins, okra, and tomatoes. Beets too, but digging them up is a lot of work. Pick Your Fun at Quality RV Resorts CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE QUALITY RV RESORTS DESTINATION and reserve your harvest season stay now. Then load … Continued

Five Ways to Keep Cool in Your RV

Four More Ways to Keep Cool in Your RV The Air Conditioner You’ll get more cool air from the AC when you keep the filters clean. Wash the filters in warm soapy water and allow them to dry before re-installing. Or use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust on the … Continued

Five Ways to Solve RV Travel Problems

High Fuel Price Of 500 responses received, 44.6% (that’s 223 people) were concerned about high fuel costs. According to Quality RV Resorts, a simple search on the internet shows that a gallon of regular gasoline is expected to average $3.57 in 2023, compared to $4.05 for 2022. The good news is…fuel prices are down and … Continued

Replace College Dorm Expenses with RV Living

Why not get a full year’s use out of your vehicle when you replace college dorm expenses with RV living? Quality RV Resorts has many affordable locations in the Houston area, as well as in Victoria and San Antonio. Whether your family member plans to attend a college, university, trade school, or technical school, that … Continued

Tiny Texas Towns Named for European Capitals

Berlin, Texas is near Houston Not the vibrant capital of Germany, Berlin is one of the tiny Texas towns you might encounter about an hour or so west of Houston on US 290. Originally settled by Germans in the late 1840s, Berlin once boasted a cotton gin, a grist mill, and a Lutheran church. The … Continued