Rodeo Clowns Are Coming to Town

Part athlete, part entertainer, rodeo clowns are known nowadays as ‘bullfighters’ whose primary job is to protect a fallen cowboy from being gored or trampled by the bull that has just thrown him. The clown’s code of conduct is to protect the cowboy, protect other clowns, and lastly – to protect himself.

The Rodeo Arena is a Dangerous Place

American bull riding has been called the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. Brahma bulls – a breed known for speed and aggression – can weigh as much as 2400 pounds. Being a rodeo bullfighter is a dangerous, and sometimes fatal, business. Despite the general perception that bulls charge at anything red, the truth is that these giant beasts are color-blind. They charge at anything that moves. That’s why rodeo clowns are able to attract their attention by running up to the bull and then zig-zagging away from the fallen cowboy.

Rodeo Clowns

How Bullfighters Protect Cowboys and Amuse Spectators

Rodeo clowns distract the charging bull from the fallen or injured rider by waving their arms, running around to entice the bull away from the cowboy, and sometimes by jumping into a barrel to taunt the bull into goring the ‘can’ instead of a person. They do all this while simultaneously entertaining the audience with funny dance moves, using a microphone to heckle the official announcer, riding donkeys, and wearing loose clown clothing to conceal protective gear underneath.

Rodeo – Not Football – is the Most Popular Sport in Texas

February is the start of rodeo season. Come see these amazing, amusing athletes for yourself. Some are recognizable by their clown make-up, while others astound viewers by outwitting the bulls with their skills. Some rodeos even showcase the entertainment aspect of rodeo clowns by giving them spotlight performances of their own.

Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the thrilling sight of eight-second contests between bucking bulls and brave cowboys, abetted by their protectors – the rodeo bullfighters. Plus, enjoy carnival rides, BBQ cook-offs, horses, beauty queens, parades, lots o’ food, live music, big stars, and fireworks. Thousands of folks love the rodeo. You’ll love it too. Rodeo season starts soon…

Location and Dates

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