Don’t Flush Cat Litter Down the RV Toilet

Don’t flush cat litter as it will clump up and clog your black water tank. In fact, 100% of users of the Open Roads Forum agree… Don’t do it. Here’s the Scoop on Poop   The Poop Plenty of human waste goes down the drain every day, so how is cat poo any different? Cat … Continued

How to Overcome Your Fear of Driving an RV

Millions of people set out every year for a vacation – or even full-time living – in an RV. They weren’t born with some special set of skills. They have a driver’s license, just like you. And RVers are extremely helpful people. They want to help you and they will. Start with the internet. Go … Continued

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Tip #1 – Get sprays or lotions that contain DEET or Picaridin (a synthetic pepper spray). The higher the concentration of these ingredients, the better. Neither DEET nor Picaridin kills bugs, but they get rid of mosquitoes by smelling totally unpleasant to those darn skeeters. Spray yourself with products that contain DEET or Picaridin and … Continued

Strawberry Season in Texas

Pick Your Own Strawberries in Poteet Just about 30 miles north of San Antonio, the tiny town of Poteet is the birthplace of country music legend George Strait and the strawberry capital of Texas with dozens of strawberry growers to choose from. Here’s a tip for guests at Admiralty RV Resort and Greenlake RV Resort … Continued

Hidden Gems in Texas

Houston National Museum of Funeral History Only in Houston can you find a coffin shaped like a Mercedes Benz and a 4,500 pound hearse that is eight feet high and 19 feet long. Founded in 1992 to educate the public and preserve the rich heritage of the funeral industry, the museum features exhibitions ranging from … Continued

Five Benefits of RV Travel

Have all the comforts of home without stressing about unfamiliar hotel rooms. Your RV is your home on wheels, after all. You’ll love all the benefits of RV travel when you get comfy in your own cozy kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Immersing yourself in new surroundings is another benefit of RV travel. Enjoy all the … Continued

Zoos in Texas

Go behind the scenes to see rhinos and hippos up close. A lorikeet might land on your head! Feed a giraffe and ride the zoo train. Of all the zoos in Texas, the San Antonio Zoo was named #1. Ever wonder what animals do at night? Book a twilight tour and find out by the … Continued

Easy Tips for Pest Prevention

Whether in your home or RV kitchen, nearly everyone has had the experience of a creepy bug emerging from a cabinet and waving its antennae. You scream, whack it with the closest thing handy, and run like crazy. Right? Well, you shouldn’t have to add pest prevention to your daily concerns. What to Do if … Continued

Quality RV Resorts and Parks – Ideal for On-Location Workers

Are you a travel nurse, an oil field worker, or a digital nomad? Quality RV Resorts and Parks are ideal for on-location workers. We are your home-away-from home. Work in Texas – Enjoy a Quality RV Stay   If you have one of those vital skills, you need a place to live while you are … Continued

Old-Fashioned Family Fun is FREE!

Three Free Family Fun Games 20 Questions – A favorite games for kids of all ages. One person thinks of a person, place, or thing, then everyone tries to guess it using only “yes” or “no” questions. Things can get off track pretty quickly in this silly game! Going on an RV Trip – There … Continued