Traditional Texas Thanksgiving Foods

All over Texas, from palatial homes to modest apartments, people are preparing for Thanksgiving in exactly the same way. How are they doing it? With traditional Texas Thanksgiving foods, that’s how. Even if you are from somewhere else, you can be an honorary Texan too, just by serving these time-tested Lone Star State favorites.

traditional Texas Thanksgiving

A Traditional Texas Thanksgiving in Your RV

You gotta have these things to make it a real Texas Thanksgiving. Maybe your RV fridge isn’t big enough to accommodate the entire feast. No matter which of the many QUALITY RV RESORTS & PARKS you have chosen, now is the time to enlist your neighbors. Everybody make something and y’all can share and give thanks for new friends.

Tamales – No Texas celebration is complete without tamales. Pork is the most popular filling for these little masa pouches, but all the other fillings are good too.

Sweet Tea – Make as much tea as your fridge can hold and sweeten it while it’s hot. Put it in the refrigerator and chill until cold. How much sugar should you add? More.

Pecan Pie – Go to a bakery or make it yourself. Either way, pecan pie is the only dessert to serve at a traditional Texas Thanksgiving.

Deep Fried Turkey – Do this outdoors in a turkey fryer. Make a delicious deep fried turkey with crispy golden brown skin and juicy meat. It doesn’t take long! Just follow the directions on YOUTUBE. The Culinary Institute of America shows you how.

Sausage – Early Texas settlers were German and their love for all sausage has completely permeated Texas food culture. Get bratwurst or any smoked pork sausage and serve it with sauerkraut.

Cornbread Dressing – You can add all kinds of things to crumbled cornbread to make it extra yummy. Try pecans, cranberries, sausage, jalapeños, or bits of brisket. Add plenty of butter and sage.

Queso – Queso means cheese in Spanish, in case you didn’t know. Break out the Crockpot and melt a lot of pepper jack cheese. Throw in evaporated milk for a creamy texture, garlic & onion powder for flavor, a little cornstarch, and salt to taste. Garnish with diced green chiles, cilantro, jalapeños, or avocados. Open a big bag of corn chips, turn on the TV, and watch football. That’s a real traditional Texas Thanksgiving.

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