Five Ways to Solve RV Travel Problems

Recently, polled 500 readers to get their opinions on the most vexing RV travel problems.

Quality RV Resorts goes one step further and solves all those problems.

Five Ways to Solve RV Travel Problems

High Fuel Price

Of 500 responses received, 44.6% (that’s 223 people) were concerned about high fuel costs. According to Quality RV Resorts, a simple search on the internet shows that a gallon of regular gasoline is expected to average $3.57 in 2023, compared to $4.05 for 2022. The good news is…fuel prices are down and will continue to go down.


The second biggest RV travel problem had to do with campgrounds, with 32.4% of respondents – 162 out of 500 – saying they were unable to get reservations at a campground. Quality RV Resorts and Parks has 16 locations in Texas. Can we promise that you will always be able to secure a reservation? Frankly, no. When we’re full, we’re full. But all Quality Parks and Resorts have internet reservation services to speed the booking process. If one chosen park is full, there is probably another Quality Park nearby and a friendly management person will help you find it.

Inflation in General

Almost 9% (that’s 45 people out of 500) cited inflation in general as a deterrent to their normal RV travel plans. They noted increases in food, clothing, repairs, parts, and virtually every other aspect of travel. All Quality RV Resort and Parks combat high prices by offering discounts on monthly or long-term stays. Most offer Good Sam and other discounts.

RV Repair Challenges

The difficulties in getting repairs done in a timely fashion was seen as an RV travel problem in 2023 by 39 people or 7.8% of respondents. Check our tips for regular RV maintenance so you won’t need repairs. Additionally, the expert on-site management teams at every Quality RV Resort and Park are familiar with repair shops nearby and can guide you to them.

Bad Roads

6.4% said bad roads was their most significant RV travel problem because bad roads damage their vehicle and cause stress. All of the 16 Quality RV Resorts and Parks in Texas can be accessed via the Interstate Highway System or other major thoroughfares. These highways are in good repair. So come see us. The streets and roads within the Quality RV Resorts are nice ‘n smooth too!

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