Texas Christmas Gifts

Thanksgiving is almost here, so you know what that means, huh? Put those turkey leftovers in the fridge and rush right out to take advantage of the Black Friday Sales and get Texas Christmas gifts for all your family and friends.

texas christmas gifts

Shopping for Texas Christmas Gifts

Can’t think of what to choose? Here are five pointers for presents for your posse…

Food – Everybody needs to eat, wants to eat, and loves to eat. Sure, you could get ‘em gift certificates to the grocery store back home, but that’s not nearly as much fun as giving real Texas food. Build your own gift baskets with a Texas BBQ cookbook, praline candies, Texas Butt Rub (don’t ya just love that name?), and gen-yoo-wine Texas water, beer, and wine.

Leather – Giving an entire cow would be way too big to wrap, so just treat your friends to a part of the cow – the outside part of the cow to be exact. Leather cowboy boots, leather Western hats, tooled leather purses, leather belts with Western buckles, and anything else made of leather make great Texas Christmas gifts. You might say, it would be a moo-ving experience.

Ornaments – Some folks collect stamps, others collect baseball cards, but chances are good that you are related to at least one person who collects Christmas tree ornaments. Every city and town offers postcards, commemorative plates, and Christmas tree decorations with the name of the city on them. Reserve your stay at any of the QUALITY RV RESORT DESTINATIONS and head out to the nearest gift shop or big-box store to purchase the sparkly holiday ornaments that will make somebody’s eyes light up.

Texas Art – How about a framed Texas flag, a picture of the Alamo, or a cowboy on a bucking horse? Gift shops often have Lone Star cutting boards, ink pens made of mesquite wood or covered in rattlesnake skin, and entire sets of dishes with Texas themes. Come to think of it, the dishes would make great wedding presents too.

Rodeo Tickets – There are rodeos every month of the year somewhere in Texas. Everybody loves rodeo events, the thundering hooves of the big animals, the thrills, the carnival rides, the foods, and the live music. Find the rodeo that’s closest to your friends and family and give them tickets. It’s guaranteed to be the most exciting Texas Christmas gift under the tree!

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