Texas – Home of the Most Fun Cities in America

Ten percent of the top 50 fun cities in America are in Texas says WalletHub. And, luckily for you, Quality RV Resorts can be your home base for excitement in most of them. So, keep reading to find out what makes a city fun, pack your party hat, and book your vacation at your favorite Quality RV Resort destination.

What Makes a City ‘Fun’

You might like dining in a fancy restaurant; somebody else likes going to sporting events. You might like seeing the latest movies, but your kids clamor to go to zoos, carnivals, and water parks. And since WalletHub is concerned with the financial aspects of having fun, the cost of entertainment was one of the many things they looked at to come up with their rankings.

Top Fun Cities in Texas

The Fun Cities Ratings

WalletHub.com compared more than 180 major cities in America and ranked them according to 65 key metrics, including the quantity and variety of cost-effective entertainment options. Some of those options included things like fitness centers per capita, movie costs, and the number of business hours at breweries.

Five Texas cities made the list! They are…

  • Austin – #7 (Austin is only 75 miles from San Antonio, so book your stay in San Antone and treat yourself to a little day trip)
  • Houston – #19 (You’ll find 13 Quality RV Resorts in the Houston area)
  • San Antonio – #25 (There are 2 Quality RV Resorts in San Antonio)
  • Dallas – #31
  • Fort Worth – #43

Although little Victoria didn’t make the list, it should have! When you book a stay at Quality Resorts QRV Victoria, you’ll have free WiFi to watch all the movies you want, several local craft breweries to choose from, and new lower monthly rates! Just call QRV Victoria at (361) 485-1598 for all the details on this hidden gem of a Texas fun city.

So, c’mon to Quality RV Resorts for an affordable Texas vacation at some of the most fun cities in America.

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