Thanksgiving Fun Texas Style

There are many incredible states out there, but few states appreciate how to have Thanksgiving fun like Texas! One of the great things about Texas is how easy it is to travel across the state with an RV. There are many cities to consider.

Here are some incredible things to do in four great Quality RV Resorts destination Texas cities for your 2020 Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving in Texas | Thanksgiving in Houston, Brazoria or Victoria


One of the great things about Houston is you can enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving meal with the family, since there are restaurants like B&B Butchers and Brennan’s of Houston that remain open during the holiday. You can find an extensive list on the Houston Press website.

Kemah is on the far eastern side of Houston, and is most famous for its buzzing boardwalk that has tons of rides, shops, and restaurants. Located on the bay, it’s a waterfront entertainment zone that’s great for a day trip or a weekend getaway (without actually leaving the city!).

San Antonio

San Antonio is a great city for RVs, camping, and celebrating Thanksgiving! One of the reasons why this is a great Thanksgiving Texas city is because they offer incredible year-round attractions like The Alamo and Riverwalk. If you are worried about finding Thanksgiving food, have no fear! Bring your RV around to one of the many local restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving family meals.


While it might not be known as a Texas attraction, Brazoria has an incredible National Wildlife Refuge that’s great entertainment for the entire family. This is a wildlife conservation area that features hundreds of different species of birds and fish. If you’re a wildlife fan, this is definitely the Texas city where you want to spend Thanksgiving.


Why bother with cooking on Thanksgiving? You could save all of that time and energy for catching up with family. That’s one of the reasons why HEB in Victoria is offering incredible Thanksgiving meals for curbside pickup! You can order Thanksgiving meals for 4 or 8.