When you set out on your RV adventure, you are looking forward to warm summer days full of outdoor fun. These popular RV accessories are proven winners when it comes to making your summer even more enjoyable.

Luxury RV Accessories

  1. RV-Friendly Travel: You are probably planning to rely on your mobile device for directions, but it may not get you where you want to go. Standard mapping applications don’t take the special needs of an RV into consideration. For example, there are roads where you can’t travel, and there are bridges and overpasses that you can’t fit under. Make sure you have up-to-date, RV-specific information with one of the high-quality RV GPS devices now available.
  2. Stay Safe: New RVs must come equipped with dual carbon monoxide and propane detectors to alert you if a deadly gas leak occurs. If you don’t already have one installed, be sure to add this critical safety feature before you hit the road.
  3. Outdoor Cooking: You will never want another outdoor cooking gadget once you treat yourself to a Cobb grill. This marvelous stainless steel wonder does it all – grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, and frying. All you need is a few pieces of charcoal to create a culinary masterpiece – anytime, anywhere.
  4. Extended Wifi: While our RV parks offer wifi, you might not always be staying in a location that includes this amenity. A Crane USB WiFi Antenna Extender will offer you more options to pick up a wifi signal, so you can fire off emails and stream movies with ease.
  5. Keep Cool: You may need your a/c during the hottest part of the day, but at night, you will want to let the Texas summer breeze in. When the sun goes down, switch off the air conditioning and rely on this cute 12V Bunk Fan/Light Combo instead.
  6. Green Energy: Some of this year’s coolest RV accessories include a line of wind and solar power generators designed especially for RV use. Nature Power has a complete selection of renewable energy products, offering you extra flexibility in your summer travels and a backup source of electricity in case of emergency.
  7. Screened In: If you haven’t invested in a screen room yet, this is your year. High-quality options from Solera and Trim Line come in a variety of sizes to suit your RV. You can relax in the great outdoors while still keeping bugs away. Plus, you get a little extra privacy in this extended space. It’s a win/win!
  8. Summer Dreaming: An afternoon siesta is a perfect way to pass hot Texas afternoons. Now you can enjoy the gentle sway of your hammock, even if there is no place to attach it. These lightweight, portable versions were developed especially for RV travel. They have heavy-duty steel frames, so they are strong enough to hold you securely, yet easy to carry and store.
  9. RV Cleanup: It’s tough to keep from tracking in dirt and debris when you are living an outdoor adventure. Fortunately, Dyson created several options in thin, lightweight cordless vacuums. These gadgets are perfect for a quick clean-up, and they require almost no space at all.
  10. Cleaner Showers: Of course our luxury RV resorts all have clean, hot showers for guests to use. However, some of your travels may take you to locations with fewer amenities, requiring you to use the shower in your RV. When you turn on your water, the last thing you want is gunk raining down on you. Unfortunately, dirt, mildew, and sediment can build up in your water heater tank. The handy Camco RV Water Heater Tank Rinser attaches to a regular garden hose, and it makes quick work of cleaning out your tank to keep your shower water crystal clear.

Your RV adventure is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily living – but you don’t have to completely abandon the comforts of home with these top-notch RV accessories.