8 Great RV Hacks

Quality RV Resorts presents 8 RV hacks that will help you organize your stuff and keep unwanted nature from visiting during those road trips!

8 RV Hacks

1. Clothespins: Think of clothespins as almost as essential as duct tape for your RV travels. These handy little clips can be used for snack bags, laundry, and securing the trash bags.

2. Bungee Cords: Secure cabinets when traveling by keeping them shut with bungee straps. The three-inch loops with a ball end are great for those doors.

3. Containers: Think square or rectangular containers to store food or other items to save space.

4. Kid’s stuff storage: Shower caddies with suction cups are great to store and organize kid’s activities while on road trips.

5. Floors: Pre-glued, waterproof, vinyl plank flooring is easy to install if you’re thinking of replacing your current floors.

6. Avoid Wasps: Since propane attracts wasps, you want to prevent any infestations. Place cut up flea collars in compartments to keep the pesky bugs away.

7. Other critters: Mice do not care for the smell of Irish Spring bar soap. They also do not like sniffing any Bounce fabric sheets.

8. Bubble Wrap: For insulation, use bubble wrap to cover the RV windows during cold weather.

8 Great RV Hacks to Help Organize Your Stuff | Quality RV Resorts

RV Hacks to Help Organize Your Stuff | Quality RV Resorts

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