Behind-the-Scenes Management Team of Lakeview’s Quality RV Resort

Among the many elements that make Quality RV Resorts the ideal destination for long-or short-term stays is our dedicated, on-site managers. Each property has a team focused exclusively on the satisfaction of our valued guests. Meet Shauna Jackson, Property Manager & Jim Gaboriault, Assistant Property Manager, of the Lakeview location. Shauna, primarily, offers insights into what defines their dedication and that of their whole team.

Insights From the Management Team of Lakeview’s Quality RV Resort

1. What attracted you to joining the Quality RV Resorts team?

Shauna: “After living at one of our properties for almost 2 years, I wanted to be part of a company that strived to provide a great environment and cares about their guest’s overall experience.”

Management Team of Lakeview’s Quality RV Resort

2. What defines “dedication” for on-site managers? What does that translate into for customers?

Shauna: “Dedication is defined as going above and beyond to meet our guests’ needs. At times this may even require attending to a property or guests needs after hours.”

3. What makes Quality RV Resorts different from other RV resorts?

Shauna: “Quality RV Resorts provides our guests with a warm, welcoming “home-like” environment. Whether they are here for a daily reservation or have down-sized and living in their RV’s-full time- they are part of our community. We have amenities and attractions, such as world-class dining and the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, which will satisfy all. From our swimming pool and spa, catch and release fishing lake, outdoor kitchens, dog runs and dog washing station. We have something for everyone.”

First Rate Amenities at Lakeview’s Quality RV Resort

4. How would you describe the RV lifestyle to an outsider?

Shauna: “The RV lifestyle is a simple lifestyle that allows you to be a part of a community that is tight-niched where everyone knows each other’s names. It allows for traveling, taking your home with you…a sense of freedom.”

Quality’s Lakeview RV Resort brings you first-rate amenities and attractions like the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, seven various world-class medical facilities, Houston’s Museums and fine dining, and so much more. Experience the Quality Difference now, and book your stay, or call: (713)723-0973 to learn more.