Best RV Lifestyle Blogs

An RV isn’t just another possession. Anyone who has one will agree that owning an RV is actually a way of life – it offers an entirely new way to spend your days and experience the world. That’s why there are so many RV enthusiasts who are dedicated to the popular activity and love to write about their experiences. There are a lot of great RV blogs out there that cover everything from cooking tips to travel maps and more, but here are some of the very best on the web.

Living the RV Lifestyle

Adventures of Dave and Ann

Dave and Ann will be your new favorite traveling experts when you start reading their blog! They took their RV on a five-month long honeymoon between San Francisco and Panama and documented the whole story for others to follow. They live on a small farm in California now but still regularly take their Airstream across the United States and back in order to soak up new adventures.

Love Your RV

The Love Your RV blog is a great one because it follows the lives and tips of a Canadian couple who left their home in favor of traveling all across the continent of North America in their RV. They offer a wide variety of tips and advice on living the RV lifestyle. The main writer for the blog is an electronic technician by trade, so you can glean some helpful advice on improving the functioning of your own RV while you’re reading. They have been on the road for over three years and are an inspiration to RV owners!


Irv2 is one of the most helpful online forums for RV owners. It’s a great place for you to hop on and ask questions about anything related to RVs and the RV lifestyle. People are generally very kind and responsive, and you can learn a lot about all different aspects of owning an RV, from rules and regulations pertaining to campgrounds and parking zones to travel routes and more. It’s a super friendly environment where people are happy to help and offer advice.

Wheeling It

Wheeling It is another blog owned by a couple who decided to leave their day jobs and take off on the open road. They travel with two cats and a big dog and therefore address lots of issues related to being on the open road with pets, getting healthcare while you’re traveling, camping and more. It also features plenty of great tips and tricks for on-the-road cooking recipes and places to stop on your travels. It’s a great resource for RV travelers.

Frugal RV Travel

The Frugal RV Travel blog is an excellent resource for folks looking to save money while they travel in order to get the most out of their time on the road. It focuses on “boondocking,” which is the idea of RV camping without having to hook up utilities in order to save yourself money. You can stay free at campsites that way. It also talks at length about budgeting for your trip, how to go about buying an RV, doing repairs on the road and more.

RV Blogs and Forums are a wonderful resource to help you get the most out of your RV experience and give you new ideas about exploring the RV lifestyle! Check out some of these for tips and guidance on exploring North America and beyond.