Don’t Flush Cat Litter Down the RV Toilet

Don’t flush cat litter as it will clump up and clog your black water tank. In fact, 100% of users of the Open Roads Forum agree… Don’t do it.

Here’s the Scoop on Poop

Prior to World War II, people typically kept their pet cats outside where the animals would poop in the neighbor kid’s sand box. Or the cat owner would use sand or ashes in an indoor box. The cat would kick and scratch those materials all over the place. Not good!

Then in 1947, Edward Lowe invented Tidy Cat by giving his neighbor some ground-up absorbent clay to use as a cat box filler and it worked like charm. It works like a charm for you too, so down the RV toilet it goes. Easy, right? Bad idea. Don’t flush cat litter. Here’s why….

Don’t Flush Cat Litter


The Poop

Plenty of human waste goes down the drain every day, so how is cat poo any different? Cat excrement may contain toxoplasmosis, a parasite that is especially dangerous for pregnant women and people who are immunocompromised. These parasites can cause problems for unborn babies and even cause death or miscarriage if the infection happens early enough. Dumping black water is already problematic if the hose comes loose in mid-dump without worrying about cat parasites.


The Litter

Clumping cat litter is typically made of bentonite clay, a substance that absorbs many times its own weight in liquid. When you shovel those clumps of clay and urine down the commode, the cat litter will continue to absorb water in your black water tank and harden. Now you can’t flush anything, because your system is clogged.

Here’s a quote from a real RV park owner, “NO! We had an idiot dump their entire litterbox down the sewer pipe. Clogged the main line serving about 25 RV sites. We had to dig the line up. If I had caught that person, I would have personally deposited the entire contents of that sewer line on the front seat of his rig. Use trash bags and trash cans or leave Heathcliff at home.”


Don’t Flush Cat Litter – Do This Instead
  • Sprinkle the cat box with baking soda to reduce the smell
  • Don’t flush cat litter. Use a small shovel to scoop the clumps and lumps into a plastic bag and throw it in the trash
  • Wash your hands thoroughly


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