Five Tips to Organize Your RV Kitchen

Everybody likes delicious home-cooked holiday meals, but creating a big feast in a little RV kitchen can be a real challenge. Organize your RV kitchen! Wire baskets and other gizmos from the Dollar Store can really simplify your life on the road.

Organize your RV kitchen

Organize Your RV Kitchen with Wire Racks and Baskets
1. You Need Counter Space

If your counter-top has become the place where your travel companions dump their cellphones, chargers, wallets, key chains, and sunglasses, go to the nearest Dollar Store and get a wire basket that’s big enough to hold all the stuff, but not so big it pokes out into the space where you stand. Screw it into the side of your kitchen island. Problem solved!

2. You Need Spices to Jazz Up Those Holiday Meals

Rather than rummaging around looking for all those little jars, mount a spice rack on the inside of your cabinet doors. Look for spice gripper clip strips on Amazon or big box stores. Strong adhesive holds the strips securely in place. The clips hold each individual spice jar so even rarely used spices are easy to find. Just be careful to mount the strips so the cupboard will still close.

3. Have Wasted Space Inside Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Jars and boxes come in different sizes, so get wire mini storage racks from the Dollar Store or Amazon. Put one on every kitchen shelf. Fill your cabinet completely by keeping the shorter jars below the wire shelf and the taller items above.

4. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

There’s no end of ways to organize your RV kitchen. You need knives to chop the veggies, spoons to stir the sauces, and a place to put the silverware so it doesn’t rattle around in a drawer while you are driving. A wall-mountable utensil holder is the answer. There are some really cute ones made of wire baskets.

5. So, You Made a Wonderful Dinner in Your RV Kitchen

Now you need to wrap the leftovers so you can have them for lunch tomorrow. But, where’s the plastic wrap and tin foil? Clever you…you found a narrow wire basket just the right size and shape for those long skinny boxes and mounted it inside the door under the kitchen sink.

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