How to Overcome Your Fear of Driving an RV

According to the Washington Post, most Americans fear public speaking, heights, and bugs. Zombies are on the list too. But anyone who has ever towed a trailer or wished they could take to the open road in an RV knows that the fear of driving an RV is real. Those folks overcame their fears and you can too.

Four Tips to Banish Your Fear of Driving an RV

fear of driving an RV

Millions of people set out every year for a vacation – or even full-time living – in an RV. They weren’t born with some special set of skills. They have a driver’s license, just like you. And RVers are extremely helpful people. They want to help you and they will.

  • Start with the internet. Go to YouTube and type in ‘Learn to tow a trailer.’ You will get plenty of helpful videos that include both the hitching-up part of the process and the towing part. Armed with your new knowledge, you will feel confident about purchasing your own RV. YouTube videos can also help you learn how to make turns, how to get into and out of gas stations, and how to back-up into campsites.
  • Have a reputable dealer install your hitch system. A professional RV dealer can make sure your tow vehicle and the camper you are going to tow are a good match. Make a video of the hitching/unhitching process while the dealer is teaching you, so you can do it by yourself later.
  • Backing up. Nowhere does the fear of driving an RV become as apparent as when you want to back into a campsite. Having a spouse or travel companion to hop out of the cab and guide you into your slot is a real help. Or, you can reserve a pull-thru site at most of the Quality RV Resorts destinations. Pull-thru sites make parking your RV a breeze!
  • Get modern RV gadgets and calm down. Most of the things you worry about while driving can be overcome with modern electronic gadgets. Afraid of a blowout? Get a tire pressure monitoring system. Afraid of getting stuck in a tunnel or under a bridge? Get an app like the RV Trip Wizard to plan your route so you don’t get stuck. No travel partner to help you back up? You need a back-up camera.
Find Confidence and Companionship at Every Quality RV Resort and Park

Your RV neighbors in the adjoining campsite have been through the same first-trip jitters as you. They made it and you can too! The friendly, helpful office folks in every Quality RV Resort and Park will be only too glad to help you maneuver that big vehicle and overcome your fear of driving an RV. So, reserve your favorite destination in Texas and come see us.

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