Mice in the RV

Many people love RV living because it affords them the opportunity to go fishing, bird-watching, and hiking to view wildlife. Cute wild animals in natural surroundings are great. Wild animals, like mice in the RV…not so much.

If you’ve ever had a mouse in your bricks ‘n sticks house, you know how scary it can be, particularly since you never expected to see wild animals indoors. Ditto for mice in the RV.

Mice in RV


How You Got Mice in the RV in the First Place

Mice like the same things people like…a cozy place to sleep, shelter from the weather, and good things to eat. And since there are all kinds of teeny weeny openings into your RV for hoses, wires, and pipes, mice can squeeeeze their way in to look for crumbs of food.

Keeping Mice Out of Your RV

The best way to avoid bringing wild animals with you on your vacation to your favorite Quality RV Resort destination is to make sure they can’t wiggle in, in the first place. Here’s how…

  • 1. Before you leave on your next RV adventure, examine the entire exterior of your vehicle for possible points of entry. Even the smallest hole is a highway for a mouse.
  • 2. Seal all holes with spray foam, caulk, or steel wool.
  • 3. Examine the entire interior for holes. Those pesky critters may be waiting in the walls for you to quit poking around so they can come out and hunt for food in peace. Find a hole? Fill it up.
  • 4. Scatter mouse deterrents around your RV, like cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil or dryer sheets.
  • 5. Get a cat.
  • 6. Use sheet metal barriers around tires and jacks. Mice can climb like crazy, but not on slippery sheet metal. Get galvanized sheet metal from any home improvement store and get them to cut it into strips 10 inches tall. Use these strips to form rings around your tires and jacks.
  • 7. Keep everything sparkly clean so there are no crumbs to attract pesky small animals.
Banish Mice in the RV for Good

After you’ve spent the Spring and Summer in your RV at your favorite Quality RV Resort destination, you’ll want to store your vehicle until the next road trip. Try to park your RV on a paved surface if possible, because rodents don’t like cement and asphalt. Start the engine every week or so to discourage any mouse that is trying to make a nest in the engine compartment. And make sure to remove all bags, boxes, and crumbs of food.

Here Kitty, Kitty! Every Quality RV Resort is Pet-Friendly

Bring your cat. You’ll find friendly folks, excellent amenities, comfort, convenience, and a great place to work or play – whether it’s for a night, an extended stay, or a lifetime at every pet-friendly Quality RV Resort. All Quality RV Resorts offer private gated properties, free WiFi, exceptionally clean facilities, concrete-paved sites with full hook-ups, shade trees, and much more. But no mice.

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