Pack Your Rainy Day Fun Supplies

You’ve been planning this vacation for ages. You want to be near your favorite city so you’ve selected the most perfect Quality RV Resort destination with care. The park is ideal, family is rarin’ to go, even the dog is excited. But…

Mother Nature Throws You a Curve Ball

Rainy Day Fun Supplies | Packing for Rainy Day Fun

Sometimes it rains on your parade, even in sunshine-y Texas. What if a big storm knocks the electric out? What if strong winds blow the cell phone towers down? What if a tall tree topples over and blocks the road to the mall? Horrors!

Take Some Rainy Day Fun Supplies for the Best Vacation Days Ever
No electric?

This one is easy. Pack a battery-operated lantern. They are small, usually cost $20 or less at any big-box store, and throw plenty of light. You’ll be able to see to read, cook over a gas stove or outdoor grill, and put your contact lenses in.

No WiFi?

Your teenager may be astonished to learn that people have had fun interacting with each other for thousands of years before the internet was invented. Pack these rainy day fun supplies and banish the no-internet blues…

  • Cards – Small and easy to pack, decks of cards offer hours of fun. Play Canasta, Poker, Gin Rummy, or even ‘Go Fish’ with the real little kids. You don’t have to speak French to enjoy Mille Bornes (1000 mile markers) – a French traveling card game. It’s just fun to holler ‘Roulez!’
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle boxes are nice and flat. They’ll slide into any storage area easily. Puzzles can be real brain-teasers too, especially the ones that look like fields, forests, and herds of similar-looking animals.
  • Board Games – Like jigsaw puzzles, board game boxes can fit into small spaces. Video-game peeps will immediately grasp the cut-throat killer aspects of Monopoly, the strategy aspects of Parcheesi, and the brilliance of Chess. The littlest kids can enjoy playing Candyland – you just roll the dice and move the little marker.
Blocked road?

Break out the soft drinks and pretzels and just chat. Enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof and the closeness of your family. The rain will be gone by morning, the electric and the internet will be back on, and the tree will have gone wherever downed trees go. You may have many wonderful days on this vacation, but this rainy day is one you will remember forever and be glad that you had your rainy day fun supplies.

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