Palm Trees in Texas

Nothing says ‘exotic landscaping’ like gently swaying palm trees. When you stay at a Quality RV Resort, you are likely to admire the beauty of native Texas palms like…

Sabal minor

This is Texas’s most widespread and common native palm. It’s found throughout the eastern half of the state from the Piney Woods region near the Oklahoma and Arkansas border and far inland past Austin and San Antonio. Sabal minor is also very cold hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as 0ºF for a short period of time.

Texas Palm Trees | Palm Trees for the Holidays

Sabal mexicana

This palm looks similar to the more common Sabal palmetto of Florida and the Carolinas, but Sabal mexicana is only native to the Rio Grande Valley and throughout Mexico and parts of Central America.

Sabal Brazoriensis

Refers to Brazoria County, where this palm was recently discovered. The identity of this palm is controversial, but most botanists agree that it is an ancient Sabal hybrid.

Palm Trees for the Holidays

  • Want to take a palm tree home with you? You can! Some palms thrive as far north as Norfolk, Virginia and many will thrive indoors. For a wonderful souvenir of your vacation, any garden center, home improvement store, or big-box retailer near your Quality RV Resort will have potted Texas palms that are small enough to carry home.
  • Or, if you want a really BIG tree, many palm tree nurseries will ship mature trees and even install them for you outdoors. Take the advice of palm professionals about what type of palm will do best in your environment.
  • What can you do with your potted palm tree when you get it back home? Decorate it for the Holidays of course! For a unique look, wrap the trunk with lights – get the kind with brown wires so they don’t show – and hang decorations from the fronds.

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