RV Technology Offers Comfort in a Disaster Zone

Most articles about camping and the RV life are tips about where to go when you leave home, what to eat, what to pack, and devices to make your camping life easier.

What if – in your absence – your hometown were to suffer a natural disaster like a hurricane, flood, tornado, blizzard, dust storm, earthquake, or forest fire that left the power lines down and cellphone service non-existent?

Modern Disaster Supplies | Long-term Stays


Thrive in Your RV

Don’t just survive… thrive in your RV using common sense, the tools you already have on board, and modern technology.

Before you leave your Quality RV Resorts campsite to return home, do the following ‘common sense’ chores to be prepared for what you might find when you get there.

  • Replace all food items, paper products, and toiletries. Add more items as space allows.
  • Fill your fuel, propane, and fresh water tanks.
  • Dump both holding tanks.
  • Launder everything.
  • Keep plenty of fresh batteries for flashlights, lanterns, and all battery-operated devices.
  • Fill at least one 6-gallon jug with fresh water.
  • Check that your fire extinguishers are up to date.
  • Make sure your first-aid kit has every necessary item.
  • Get an emergency backpacker’s water filter that enables you to produce potable water from even foul water sources.
  • Duct tape, wire ties, hand tools, and repair manuals are always handy.
Modern Disaster Supplies to Ease Conditions

Our ancestors lived without AC and gas stations – you can do it too!

E-Bulbs – A great idea! Buy them online or at most ‘big box’ stores. They look like regular light bulbs, but have a battery charger inside. While the bulb is illuminating your home, it is also charging itself up so it can operate all by itself without electricity. And you can take it out of the socket and carry it around like a flashlight.

Gas Generators – Not such a good idea! Noisy, expensive, and potentially dangerous. And they suck up an enormous amount of gasoline. In a disaster situation, the few open gas stations have wait lines that are hours long. Ugh!

Solar-Powered Portable Batteries – Now we’re talking! Not much bigger than a great big purse, these giant portable batteries are charged by their own solar panels and will run a wide variety of 12 volt items, like computers, fans, lights, and mini-fridges on three types of connections – round jacks, USB ports, and plain ol’ wall outlets. Quiet, safe, and no waiting in gas lines.

And if you’re just not ready to return to a disaster zone, Quality RV Resorts offers comforting amenities, welcoming hospitality, and long-term stays in every location.

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