RV Toilet Tips for Your Mobile Bathroom

Interested in RV toilet tips for your mobile bathroom? Well, everybody knows how to use the toilet at home – you sit down, do your thing, push the lever, and everything in the bowl goes down the drain.

Your RV toilet is a bit more complicated. Unlike your home commode which has a back-mounted tank that fills and flushes the bowl, your RV toilet is filled by your vehicle’s fresh water tank or the city water that comes through the hook-up at your campground.

RV toilet tips

Once you are hooked up at your campsite, everything should work fine. It’s the driving down the road that can cause complications. So, here are a couple of RV toilet tips from the pros at Quality Resorts to keep things fresh and clean in your rolling restroom.

RV Toilet Tips

1. The vibrations and jostling of driving can cause the water that was in the bowl to leak back into the black water tank, so pull the foot pedestal up slightly to put a small amount of water in the bowl prior to using it.

2. Before you leave your RV bathroom, help the toilet to keep itself clean by using the sprayer as the water is going down the drain.

3. Use the foot pedal to put a little more water in there for the next time. Keeping a little water in the bowl reduces the likelihood of staining and makes clean up easier.

RV Toilet Tips Made Easy

However, the easiest of all RV toilet tips to keep your RV bathroom clean and fresh is to, of course, avoid using it. Choose your ideal Texas destination and reserve your stay at a beautiful Quality RV Resort or park. Use our bathrooms! All of our locations offer immaculately clean restrooms. And hey, guess what? Using the restrooms at your favorite Quality RV Resort instead of your mobile-home bathroom conserves your RV’s fresh water supply as well.