Tips on Getting Your RV Ready For The Road!

On The Road Again!…

Be honest. Just the thought of getting the RV ready for your next big adventure has you singing this song.

Whether you are getting your RV ready to travel for work or adventure, to see places you’ve never seen, or places you might never see again, you have to make sure the rig is up to the trip before heading down the highway.

Getting the RV Ready | Getting Your RV Ready to Travel



First, look under the hood. Has a big rodent made his home in there? And did he eat up all the wires? This actually happened to me. Had to replace the wiring and the battery. If you want to make sure he doesn’t move back in, take a couple of old socks and fill them with moth balls. Tuck them into the engine compartment. Your mechanic knows where. At least, mine did. So, #1 is check the batteries.

Now, on to non-rodent concerns.

Flush Out the Antifreeze

Remove the screens that are threaded onto the tap openings and clean. Once the lines and system components are clear, re-install the tap screens and replace filter elements with new ones.

Pump Check

Water is important. You need it. So does your RV. Inspect for leaks by turning the pump on and closing all outlets. Listen for pump activation. If the pump runs briefly, it is an indication that your system has a pressure leak. Inspect for leaks at joints and around components. If no leak can be found, it could be the water pump discharge check-valve. Have the check-valve serviced.

Visual Inspection

Walk around and look at the outside of your rig. Check the tire pressure and top up, if necessary. If one tire’s pressure is significantly different than the others, further investigation might be needed.

Check Fluid Levels and Fan Belts

If you have a diesel pusher with an Allison transmission with the electronic oil level feature, check it once the running gear is up to normal operating temperatures. This is more accurate that the dipstick method. If the unit is equipped with air suspension, confirm that the unit is at ride height after starting up and prior to moving.

Inspect the floor of your garage or storage facility after moving your rig. Oil or fluid spots where your RV sat will reveal leaks or other problems.

Shakedown Cruise

Just what it sounds like. Make everything nice and tidy inside and take your RV out for a short trip just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Final Engine Inspection

After the short trip, re-check the engine oil, coolant, and every other fluid, including the window washer stuff. Dead bugs on your windshield block your vision!

All Ready! Where to?

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