Summer RV Tips: Keep You and Your RV Cool During Your Stay with Us

Summer in Texas can be full of fun and sun, but it can be a little warm. Read on for some summer RV tips that will keep you and your RV cool and comfortable while you stay at Quality RV Resorts.

Keep Your RV Cool

When it comes to keeping your RV cool during the summer, the key is to remember sunlight equals heat. The sun heats our planet through electromagnetic radiation, which means whatever sunlight touches will start to warm up.

Put Your Awning Out

If it is not too breezy, putting your RV awning out will help shade one side of your RV. RV awnings don’t fare well in strong winds, so make sure you are present at your RV when it is out.

Summer RV Tips | Keep Your RV Cool


Close the Blinds

It isn’t necessary to turn your RV into a cave but closing the blinds on the side of the RV that faces the sun will prevent the sun from heating the interior of your RV. Motorhome owners have a huge window in front of the coach. Purchasing a window shade that blocks 90% of sunlight can keep your rig cooler.

Cook Outside

When you cook inside your RV, it adds heat. As if you needed an excuse to BBQ in the evening.

Clean your AC Filter

Clean your AC filter to increase the airflow and ensure that your RV AC is running as efficiently as possible.

Keeping Yourself Cool

Summer RV tips aren’t all about your RV. Being near the water is a great way to cool down during the summer. Fortunately, when you stay at Quality RV Resorts in Texas, you are never far from the water.

Enjoy the Pool

Almost every Quality RV Resorts property in Texas has a swimming pool. So when the sun is shining, you can grab your summer swimming gear and float, swim, or lounge in the pool.

Feel the Breeze Coming Off the Water

Many of our resorts have water features such as fishing ponds, and the Bayou Oaks RV Park is located right on the waterfront. It may not be swimming in the pool, but fishing next to the water with a cold drink can relax you and make the warm weather seem a little cooler.

Bonus Summer RV Tips

These summer RV tips are sure to keep you cool during your stay with us. It’s easy to beat the heat while you explore the area too. When you visit any of our destinations located in Houston, Brazoria, San Antonio, or Victoria areas, you are never far from water-filled attractions. From the beaches near Victoria, Galveston Island near Houston, and the River Walk in San Antonio, you are sure to find summer activities for everyone.

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